Ðark Lady

Acerca de tødø y nada a la vez

The one who came from Saturn

Oh no, not again. Kill me, just kill me please. It's the best thing you can do for a wallflower like me. I can't handle it. Not him, no. I know I'm overreacting, but you don't get it. We speak the same language, if I'm from Jupiter, he's from Saturn. We're from the same neighborhood, so he knows what it feels like to be an alien in the Earth. I was so thrilled when I discovered it. 

Seriously, even with his inner darkness and confusion... he shines. It's not a joke, I really mean it. Watch him smiling and you'll be agree with me. Yeah, he doesn't smile too often, but trust me, you can see the sparkles from stellar dust around him. I'm being such a corny person right now but fuck it, who cares.

Like I said, I was thrilled but at the same time too scared to do something. I mean, I couldn't say a word in front of him, not only because of my ridiculous teenage behavoir, which i'm not even try to excuse, but he's the kind of guy that stares at you and it's impossible to lie or say something too polite. So, let's be honest, everyone knows that I screw it up when I say everything that I have in mind. 

If I couldn't speak, do you really think I had a chance? Of course not. This is probably the first time I'm not comfortable being invisible. I need to read a book called “speaking with humans for dummies” as soon as I can and maybe doing that I will stop hating myself. Jesus Christ! I found the one who came from Saturn and I didn't do anything! I deserve it, Lord, I deserve it. 

The one who came from Saturn, a weirdo just like anyone who doesn't belong to this world but he's not an outcast like the rest of us. Not at all. Everyone loves him because he's so trustworthy, kind and a very good listener. He probably knows more secrets and problems than a priest. I could go on and on foverer with the list of things that makes him different but it's a waste of time. I screw it up once again. I deserve this feeling of nothingness. So, can you kill me now? Please?